Admission Process

At Christ Church Boys’ Senior Secondary School, we understand that the admission process can be a daunting task for parents. That's why we have designed a hassle-free process that accommodates the urgent needs of our parents. We ensure that all your questions are answered to your satisfaction before initiating the registration and admission process. We also provide ample time for parents to procure the necessary documents and submit them for the completion of the appropriate paperwork. We believe that the admission process should be effortless and quick, and we strive to provide our parents with the best possible service.

Computer Lab

Our school has a well-equipped computer laboratory that is accessible to students from Class 1 onwards. The lab has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software that cater to the requirements of our students, teachers, and the curriculum. We train our students to use basic software like Windows and MS-Office (Ms-Word, MS-Powerpoint, Ms-Excel, etc.) and provide them with comprehensive research resources for their projects and presentations. Our faculty members make continuous efforts to ensure that our students get expertise in practical implementation of the tools they have in their curriculum.


Our school has a library that provides students with information, inculcates ideas, improves vocabulary, and develops knowledge that is essential for their growth and personal development. Our school library consists of various textbooks, newspapers, magazines, reference books, dictionaries, and other reading materials that will equip our students with lifelong learning skills. Our librarian and assistant librarians play an important role by becoming instructors and guides for our students to understand the things properly and effectively.


Our school has well-equipped laboratories for Science, Maths, and Social Studies. We also provide separate labs for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Our students have access to instruments, models, and specimens that kindle curiosity and interest among their young minds. Our well-qualified and experienced teachers help, guide, and train our students to perform experiments according to the syllabi of CBSE. Our students observe and analyze the practical aspects of the theoretical concepts of the subject through experimentation and are allowed to explore the world of knowledge through learning by doing in these laboratories.


With great pride and equal humility, we proclaim that we are a part of an institution that has been deeply rooted in the service of academia and providing quality education to the children of Jabalpur for the past 153 years. Our school is the second unit of Christ Church Boys’ Senior Secondary School, which is located at Jabalpur, (M.P.). Although we are proud to be a part of that colossal school, we are grateful to God for the opportunity to carve our own niche and strengthen our community from within by providing the same high quality of education to our children here at Christ Church Boys’ Senior Secondary School.

Extra-curricular Activities

At Christ Church Boys’ Senior Secondary School, we pride ourselves on providing our children with not only a strong educational foundation but also ample opportunities to broaden their creative abilities. Our students are active participants in every function organized by the school. Our staff carefully selects gifted children from various aspects of creative arts and helps these children bring out their best in performances to regale parents and spectators with their skill and passion for the arts. We celebrate our Republic Day, Independence Day, Teachers' Day, Founder's Day, Sports Day, and Christmas Day celebrations with all our children with great pomp and fervor, with active participation from all our students in various capacities.